Youth Basketball Picture Information

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2019 Youth Basketball Schedule

Picture packets will be available on site, or you can pre-order pictures through the Parsons website: Click here!
Cash, check, and card accepted on site if you’d like to complete everything when you arrive.
Please plan on entering through the south side (main parking lot) of the Civic Center

2019 Spring Soccer Update:

Due to the heavy snowfall in February, we will be delaying the start of our spring soccer season.  Please mark your calendar for the following dates:

League practices start: March 11
League games: April 6-May 18
Tiny Tots: April 6-May 18

Spring Youth Soccer

Registration week: January 28-February 4, 2019
Update (2/14/19): Phone or in-person registration still open.  Give us a call today! 509-698-7300, or email:

League Information:

Spring soccer in Selah is a great way to get our youth moving after the long, cold winter!  With teams for all ages, this developmental league is an excellent way to learn the sport of soccer, improve health and fitness, and work on technical skills.  Selah Parks and Recreation soccer is a fun, no-pressure environment, working to get all kids active regardless of skill level.  Practices will be during the week starting the week of February 19 (weather pending); games are March-April on Saturdays at Selah Middle School.  All teams are co-ed.

Ages: 5 – 12 years old
Leagues: 6U (for kids 6 and under), 8U (for kids 8 and under), 10U (for kids 10 and under), and 12U (for kids 12 and under).  Children are always allowed to play up one level with parental permission, registration must be done in person or over the phone to do so.  Older children are not allowed to play down a league.  Reduced/free lunch discounts applied for in-person registration only.  Selah Parks and Recreation must have the 2018/19 school year approval form to apply discount.  If you don’t have a copy, please contact Selah Food Services to get a copy.

Practices start the week of February 19 (weather pending). Due to the snowfall in February, the soccer season has been delayed.  Practices will now start March 11th.
Game season: March 9-April 27th.  Due to heavy snowfall in February, the spring soccer game season has been delayed.  Games will now run April 6-May 25
Team picture day: date TBD; location: Selah Middle School (same location as the games)

$75 for residents
$85 for non-residents
Registration week discount: $5.00 (1/28 – 2/4 only)
Late fee applied the first day of practice.

**If you have a friend or coach request, please list the person’s name during registration!

Tiny Tot Soccer:

Soccer for the youngest players, Selah Tiny Tots soccer is an program designed to introduce soccer to the youngest players as we build their confidence and understanding of the game.  Tiny Tots practices on Saturday mornings only as they work on skill development and teamwork.  There are no regular structured games with referees, though we work to build team unity enough to have a game at the end of the season.

Ages: 3-5 year olds, all teams are co-ed

**Please note – Tiny Tots starts March 9th, 2019.  Due to the heavy snowfall in February, the Tiny Tot’s season has been delayed.  Tiny Tot’s will now start on Saturday, April 6th.

Price: $40 per player, regardless of address location
Registration week discount applies ($5.00 off!) from January 28-February 4, 2019.
Click HERE to register for tiny tot’s soccer!

Season Dates: April 6-May 25, 2019

Interested in coaching? Give us a call today! 509-698-7300


2018/19 Winter Basketball

Attention current players!

A note from the Recreation Director regarding cancelled games (2/14/19):
Due to the heavy snowfall in February, many practices, games, and Little Dribbler’s practices have been cancelled.  We are doing our best to reschedule as many of these games as possible within our abilities and must consider factors such as facilities use, season length, and referee availability.  Please check with your coach for schedule updates and rescheduled games.  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call: 509-698-7300.  Thank you for your understanding.  I hope you are staying warm and making snowflake cookies! 

-Treesa Morales
Phone: 509-698-7301


Practice Schedules:
John Campbell Primary: Click Here!
Lince School: Click Here!
Selah Intermediate School: Click Here!

2019 BASKETBALL GAME SCHEDULES POSTED! ***Teams are listed by TEAM NAME, not coaches name
1 Grade: 2018-2019 Game Schedule JCP
2 Grade: 2018-2019 Game Schedule JCP
3/4 Girls: 2018-2019 Game Schedule SIS
3/4 Boys: 2018-2019 Game Schedule SIS
5/6 Girls: 2018-2019 Game Schedule SMS
5/6 Boys: 2018-2019 Game Schedule SMS

***GAME SCHEDULE REMINDER: Please note that game are played at THREE DIFFERENT GYMS this year.  All 5/6 grade games will be played at Selah Middle School.  Please also note there are a few leagues with games on Tuesday nights.  If you have any questions, please call your coach.

Jersey Colors by Grade:

1 Grade: (Co-Ed) (Jersey color will be: Hunter Green/Silver)
2 Grade: (Co-Ed) (Jersey color will be: Royal Blue/Silver)
3/4 Grade Boys: (Jersey color will be: Black/Silver)
3/4 Grade Girls: (Jersey color will be: Black/Silver)
5/6 Grade Boys: (Jersey color will be: Burgundy/Silver)
5/6 Grade Girls: (Jerseys will be Burgundy/Silver)

Do you have a coach or buddy request?  Or a preference of nights for practice? Let us know!  You can enter requests during the online registration process.  Requests will show when we build teams and we will do our best to accommodate all requests.
Please note, listing coach or buddy requests will not guarantee your spot on a team.  Teams are filled by date and time stamp of the registration through a first come-first served basis.

Youth Basketball Prices:

Little Dribblers: $45.00
League Basketball: $85.00
Selah Resident Discount: $10.00
Free/Reduced Lunch Discount available for those who qualify.  Must have proof of qualification for the ’18/’19 school year.  Must call or enroll in person to apply discount.  Discount available until the first day of practice (December 3rd), after which, full price will be required.   
Late fee will apply to all registration fees after December 3rd, 2018.  

Little Dribblers: 3 – 5 year olds: This is an introductory program for the youngest players.  Little Dribblers meets once a week, on weekdays.  Coaches will introduce the basic skills of the game, teach kids about teamwork, and foster a love for the game. Season Dates: January 7th – February 25th, 2019. 

League Basketball: With teams for all grades, League Basketball helps your player build their knowledge and skills of the game, improves sportsmanship and team work, and prepares them for school ball.  Register for the grade your child is currently in – but please call or register in person to do so.  All players can play up one level (older kids are not allowed to play down).  Practices start December 3rd, Games: January 12 – February 23rd, 2019

Inclement Weather Policy: Weather/Smoke Policy
Refund Policy: Youth Sports Refund Policy
2018/2019 Basketball Game/League Rules:


2019 Flag Football

Ages: 1st grade – 6th grade

Registration week: April 1-8
Practices start the week of April 22nd
Game Season: May 4-June 8


Children are placed on teams on a first come, first request basis. Parks and Recreation attempts to fulfill all possible requests but with a limited number of coaches and maximum number of children, this is sometimes not possible.