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Written comments for Council Meetings will be read into the record. All written comments must be submitted no later than 4pm the day preceding the Council Meeting.

Please do not submit more than one written comment. Duplicate submissions will be combined into one singular comment.

Updated Standards of Decorum: (updated 8/23/2022)

The City of Selah is a non-charter code city and we are presently conducting a regular meeting between the Mayor and City Council.  A maximum of thirty minutes will be allotted for public comments.  Common-sense standards of decorum apply.  Comments must be respectful; no profanity or insults are allowed.  Comments pertaining to City business and official actions are the most valued, but comments pertaining to City officials’ ability to fulfill their job duties due to events, actions, or activities that occurred outside the scope of their duties as a City official may also be offered.  Constructive criticism of City officials is allowed including constructive criticism specifically mentioning City officials or employees by name as to official actions, but defamation, personal attacks and impertinent assertions are not allowed.  Commenters are limited to one comment per meeting and a maximum of two minutes.  City staff may disallow or modify any submitted written comment that is deemed inappropriate and the Mayor or presiding officer may turn off the podium microphone or otherwise silence any in-person comment that is deemed inappropriate.  These standards are subject to revision and will be updated whenever necessary in order to comply with constitutional requirements.

Written Public Comment

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