Construction Projects

West Goodlander Road project

Construction scheduled to start July 20, 2020 with a final completion date of August 20,2020

West Goodlander is a major transportation corridor and serves one of Selah’s fastest growing residential areas as the primary route to access the schools, services and employment centers in the City. The Proposed improvements includes two projects: One consists of widening the road surface from 20 feet to 24 feet and resurface approximately 3,500 linear feet of West Goodlander Road from approximately N First Street to approximately Landers Road. The second consists of installing additional portions of sidewalk so as to fill in two currently existing “gaps” an also to install compliant ADA sidewalk ramps on a major transportation corridor. During work hours detours and one lane traffic will occur, please find alternate routes if possible.
Once complete the projects will improve both traffic and pedestrian safety.
Construction Schedule

Traffic Control Plan

Project Schedule – Schedule

Project Schedule:
Begin Construction: July 2020
End Construction: August 2020


Taylor Ditch Outfall Pollutant Reduction Project

Construction scheduled to start August 10, 2020 with a final completion date of September 9, 2020

This project will improve water quality in the Yakima River through installation of hydrodynamic separators and infiltration at Selah High School and Carlon Park in the City of Selah. This project will provide treatment for total suspended solids (TSS) returning to the Yakima River via the Taylor Ditch.
Impervious surfaces at Selah High School currently discharge stormwater through a storm drain connected to a piped segment of the Taylor Ditch near Carlon Park. Similarly, stormwater runoff from a ½ mile section of North Wenas Road directly connects to Taylor Ditch near the baseball field at Carlon Park. The flow from these areas carries pollutants to the Taylor Ditch which outlets to the Yakima River downstream of the project. This project reduces the total suspended solids delivered to the Taylor Ditch system and the Yakima River by installing BMPs to treat and infiltrate the water generated by 11 acres of impervious surface. These BMPs include hydrodynamic separators to provide pretreatment for the stormwater and stormwater infiltration basins.