2017 Construction Projects

This page will keep you apprised of what is happening around our town and will be updated with upcoming project information.

Palm Park and Well 7 improvements

This project consisted of reconstructing the Palm Park Booster Station and upgrading Well No. 7. The Palm Park Booster Station was completely replaced to improve the access, operator safety, reliability, capacity and redundancy. The pavement patching has been completed and the building is operational. There are still little details that need to be completed and soon the areas of dirt will be replanted.

The improvements to well No 7 included a new variable frequency drive (VFD) controlled pump and motor, chlorination system, controls and HVAC upgrades to improve water reliability, efficiency and water quality. Well No. 7 is operational. It too has some detail work that is still being completed.

Palm Park Construction Schedule “PDF”

Volunteer Park

This project consists of the construction of a new handicap accessible park in Selah, Washington. Work will consist of site clearing , grubbing, and grading; new drainage swales, stormwater piping and inlets; construction of a new HMA driveway approach and parking lot, and HMA walking path around the park; site preparation for playground installation by others, including crushed surfacing, concrete curb/mow strip and 42” high chain link fence; 600 lf of 6’ chain link fence; 120 lf of 4’cedar fence; parking lot lighting; and installation of a City-furnished prefabrication concrete restroom building. Work includes providing water, sewer, and electrical service to the building. A significant portion of the site soils have been found to be contaminated with lead and arsenic above EPA safe levels. However, clean soil is available on site or will be furnished by the City from stockpiles. Therefore, remediation measures will be taken consisting of using contaminated soils in fill areas, and capping with marker fabrics and clean soil, HMA, or gravel surfacing. Contaminated soils may also be placed in excavated clean soil areas and capped. Soil testing will be performed throughout site grading activities to confirm compliance with the required clean-up plan.

As of the week July 10-14th clean dirt is being moved to the site. The water and sewer piping are being installed as well as the electrical is being installed.  Additional dirt is being added inside the walkway.

Volunteer Park Schedule