Construction Projects

2020 Construction Projects

The East Goodlander Road project is currently under construction as of June 1, 2020. Goodlander Road is closed for construction and is open to local traffic only, including access to River Canyon Espresso.

East Goodlander Road (North First Street to North Wenas Road)

The proposed improvements consist of the total reconstruction of East Goodlander Road, approximately 2,000 feet long. The project portion of East Goodlander Road is between North First Street and North Wenas Road (SR-823). The reconstructed roadway will be a 37-foot wide, three-lane roadway (two 12-foot wide travel lanes and a 13-foot wide center turn lane) in order to improve the safety to all modes of transportation (vehicles, trucks, school buses, pedestrians, and bicyclists). The project will include new curb and gutters, a new 10-foot wide sidewalk (south side) and a 5 foot sidewalk on the (north side), new handicap ramps at intersections, new storm drainage facilities, and a new illumination system. Water and sewer service lines were stubbed out in 2015. The project is scheduled to continue work starting June 1, 2020 and has a 25 working day construction time frame.

What is the intended outcome & benefit?

Completion of this project will eliminate narrow rough lanes, improve turning radius onto State Route 823 and into a sports complex and high school parking areas. East Goodlander Road serves as an important farm-to-market route, carrying goods from the orchards to the fruit processors and warehouses in Selah’s industrial area. City transit and school buses use East Goodlander Road as well. East Goodlander Road serves as access for the parking lots for Selah High School and Carlon Park. Both of these facilities draw large volumes of vehicle and foot traffic for football, softball, tennis and hardball games and tournaments.

Goodlander Construction June 2020

Goodlander Construction Full Schedule – Revised

Additional schedule


Project Schedule:
Begin Construction: June 2020
End Construction: June 2020