Selah’s Walk for Wellness Program

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking
-Fredrich Nietzsche

Selah Parks and Recreation is excited to offer a series of walking paths to take you on a tour throughout the main corridor of the town of Selah. Listed below are 13 different walking routes, each with a different path, theme, and experience. All routes are a loop, so you can exercise, see the town, and always return to your car. Distances are listed with each route, as well as a link for a map and directions. Choose a path that fits your ability and see what you find along the way! Please remember to follow all pedestrian rules while walking and watch for cars. Enjoy these safe paths on your own or with a group!

Selah Apple Tour
Distance: 1.69 Miles

Enjoy a stroll through town and visit the front gates of some of Selah’s largest Apple producers. Plan ahead, and bring some water. You may even want to keep some cash in your back pocket for the Tree Top Visitor Center at the end of this trip.

Selah’s Hidden Park Trek
Distance: 2.7 Miles

Did you know Selah has over 44 acres of parks and green spaces throughout town? Lace up your shoes and head to find Selah’s hidden parks on this 4 mile loop. Bring a snack and enjoy a quick picnic on one of the benches you find along the way.

Book Box Walk
Distance: 5 Miles

Selah’s residents have installed an abundance of book boxes throughout our town. Enjoy this walk with family and friends as you take an easy stroll find 5 different book boxes. Along the way you’ll pass two parks with a place to enjoy your new book, use a restroom, or let the kids play on the playground. Bring 5 treasures of your own to trade for new ones!

First Responder Ruck March
Distance: 2.4 Miles

Take a walk to some of Selah’s greatest Heros. This walk will take you on a loop to the Fire Station, Police Station, Veterans Park, and the Gold Star Memorial at Legion Park. Write a letter of gratitude to each department and drop it off on the way. Or bring a yellow ribbon to place at the Gold Star Memorial in memory of a fallen soldier.

Play on the Way Walk
Distance: 3.5 Miles

Play in three parks in the same day! Bring the scooters or bikes for the kids and don’t forget the snacks on this 3.5 mile loop. Each stop offers an excellent playground, a place to rest, bathrooms, and places to refill your water. Walk with friends and enjoy the day!

Selah Church Tour
Distance: 5 Miles

Although our town might be small, we certainly have no shortage of churches. This walk will take you past 9 different churches, where you can see the architecture of each building and wave to neighbors along the way.

Selah Hill Hikes
Views abound on this series as you’ll climb some of the steepest hills in the Selah Valley. Choose one, or do them all, just be sure to bring water for the hike! Please note the elevation change on each hike so you know what to expect.

Straight Away Walk
Distance: 4.8 Miles

One of the longest, continuous sections of sidewalk in town, Selah’s Straight Away Walk gives you a 5 mile round trip walk from Trolley Park to the Selah Loop Roundabout. Put your headphones in and lace up your shoes, this walk helps you get the job done!

Selah Coffee House Walk
Distance: 3.2 Miles

Great for a Saturday morning, this route will let you get your morning brew and your exercise all in one! Bring some cash and a friend and sip your favorite morning treat while you enjoy the sunshine.

River to Mountain Hike
Distance: 7.3 Miles

In this 7.3 mile hike, you’ll start at the river and hike to the top. You’ll see it all in this 7.3 mile round trip walk. Be prepared to climb steep hills and make sure to bring water. When you get back to the river, enjoy a snack or lunch on the riverside deck. Please note, there are areas of this walk that do not have sidewalk, please be careful.

Doggone Walk
Distance: 2.5 Miles

Do you have a furry friend who needs exercise too? This walk gives you both what you need! When you arrive at the start, you’ll be able to get your pup’s energy out in the fenced green space (dog bags available for clean up). Then leash up, and head out on a walk for you. When you return, you can reward your dog with a job well done with a few minutes of free time in the field. Be sure to bring water for you both!

Map coming soon!