If you need assistance or have a question, please contact the department you wish to speak with directly by phone or fax, or send e-mail by clicking on the department name listed below. Use the online form for Public Records Requests.

If you are unsure about which department to contact, please call (509) 698-7328. 

City Hall is located at

115 W Naches Ave.
Selah, WA 98942

Open Monday – Friday; 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Webmaster: webmaster@selahwa.gov

City Hall (509) 698-7328

Mayor Raymond, Sherry sherry.raymond@selahwa.gov
City Administrator Wayman, Donald donald.wayman@selahwa.gov
Clerk / Treasurer Novobielski, Dale dale.novobielski@selahwa.gov
Human Resources Potter, Andrew andrew.potter@selahwa.gov
Executive Assistant Lake, Monica monica.lake@selahwa.gov
Payroll / Accts. Payable Farley, Jan jan.farley@selahwa.gov
Utility Billing Clerk Bigby, Dorraine dorraine.bigby@selahwa.gov
Public Records Officer Wurtz, Mary mary.wurtz@selahwa.gov

Civic Center (509) 698-7302

Civic Center Manager Tait, Bree bree.tait@selahwa.gov

Fire Department (509) 698-7310

Fire Chief Hanna, Gary gary.hanna@selahwa.gov
Deputy Chief / Fire Marshal / Training Officer Lange, Jim james.lange@selahwa.gov
Fire Admin. Assistant Cline, Ron ron.cline@selahwa.gov

Municipal Court (509) 698-7329

Judge Faul, Bronson
Court Clerk/ Administrator  Anita Garcia  anita.garcia@selahwa.gov

Police Department (509) 698-7346

Police Chief Hayes, Richard rick.hayes@selahwa.gov
Deputy Police Chief Steen, Eric eric.steen@selahwa.gov
Police Clerk Conger, Laura laura.conger@selahwa.gov
Community Service Specialist Maki, Missy melissa.maki@selahwa.gov
Animal Control Knox, Chris chris.knox@selahwa.gov

Public Works (509) 698-7365

Public Works Director Henne, Joe joe.henne@selahwa.gov
Public Works Department Assistant Groo, Caprise caprise.groo@selahwa.gov
Public Works Utility Supervisor Jones, Ty ty.jones@selahwa.gov

Community Development & Planning (509) 698-7365

Community Development Supervisor / City Planner Peters, Jeff jeff.peters@selahwa.gov
Planning Department Administrative Assistant / Permit Tech Tucker, Brandy brandy.atkins@selahwa.gov
Building Inspector / Code Enforcement Brons, Roy roy.brons@selahwa.gov
Code Enforcement Barnett, Erin erin.barnett@selahwa.gov

Recreation & Tourism Departments (509) 698-7300

Recreation & Tourism Manager  Morales, Treesa  treesa.morales@selahwa.gov
Recreation Coordinator  Schab, Zack  zack.schab@selahwa.gov

Wastewater Treatment (509) 698-7365

Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor Laroche, Todd todd.laroche@selahwa.gov
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Jones, Ken ken.jones@selahwa.gov
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Davis, Larry larry.davis@selahwa.gov