Youth Basketball

2019/20 Youth Basketball

When the weather turns we know it’s time for basketball!  Youth basketball at Selah Parks and Recreation is a great way to keep your athletes busy through the winter.  Check the following dates and links below for registration and league information.

Click the links below to see the schedule for the make up games.

Make-up week game schedule JCP (Updated 2/18/20)
Make-up week game schedule SMS (Games played at Lince)
Make-up week game schedule SIS

Registration Week: November 11-18

Directions to Lince: Click Here

2020 Winter Team/Player Picture Date: February 1st, 2020 at the Selah Civic Center

2020 Basketball Picture Schedule – Updated!

Practices Start: December 9

Practice Schedules:

2020 Basketball Practice Schedule JCP

2020 Basketball Practice Schedule SIS

2020 Basketball Practice Schedule Lince

Practice schedules may change.  Please contact Selah Parks and Rec if you have any questions! 509-698-7300

Games: January 11-February 29

Practices will be evenings during the week and some weekends until games start.  Specifics of date/time of practices depend on the coach.  Practice schedules will be posted as soon as possible.

Games will be primarily on Saturdays.  We do our best to keep games on Saturday mornings so families can still have some of their weekend to enjoy with each other.  Depending on the participation levels, weeknight games are a possibility.

Game Schedules:

1st and 2nd Grade: 2020 Game Schedule JCP

3/4 Grade Boys and Girls: 2020 Basketball Game Schedule SIS

5/6 Grade Boys and Girls: 2020 Basketball Game Schedule SMS

Registration Links:

Little Dribblers

Grade 1 (Co-Ed)
Grade 2 (Co-Ed)
Grade 3/4 Boys
Grade 3/4 Girls
Grade 5/6 Boys
Grade 5/6 Girls

**All participants are allowed to play up one level.  Older kids cannot play down.  In order to play up, please call or come to the Parks and Recreation office.


Activity League Price Selah Resident Discount Other Discounts
Little Dribblers $50.00 $10.00 Scholarships available
Grade 1 (Co-Ed) $85.00 $10.00 Registration week discount: $5.00

Reduced Lunch Discount: $30.00
Must have current 2019/2020 Selah School District approval form to give to Selah Parks and Recreation

Scholarships available

**Discounts cannot be combined

Grade 2 (Co-Ed)
Grade 3/4 Boys
Grade 3/4 Girls
Grade 5/6 Boys
Grade 5/6 Girls

Selah resident discount applies to members living within Selah city limits only.

Free and reduced lunch discounts are available to league teams only, not little dribblers.  2019/2020 Selah School Year approval form is required in order to receive discount.

Little Dribblers: 3 – 5 year olds: This is an introductory program for the youngest players.  Little Dribblers meets once a week, on weekdays.  Coaches will introduce the basic skills of the game, teach kids about teamwork, and foster a love for the game. Season Dates: January 11th – February 29th, 2020. 

League Basketball: With teams for all grades, League Basketball helps your player build their knowledge and skills of the game, improves sportsmanship and team work, and prepares them for school ball.  Register for the grade your child is currently in – but please call or register in person to do so.  All players can play up one level (older kids are not allowed to play down).  Practices start December 9th, Games: January 11 – February 29, 2020

Special Requests:

All requests will be filled based on date and time stamp of the receipt.  If you have a buddy or coach request, you MUST include it during the registration process.  If you have a request of day/time of practice, please also include in the registration so we know when making teams.  Please note, listing coach or buddy requests will not guarantee your spot on a team.  Teams are filled by date and time stamp of the registration on a first come-first served basis.

Inclement Weather Policy: Weather/Smoke Policy
Refund Policy: Youth Sports Refund Policy