Utility Services

Utility Services Automatic Payment Plan (and application)

Utility Rate Information:

Monthly Charges

  • Water – metered ($20.57 minimum).
    • Water consumption is estimated during the months of November through February.
  • Sewer – $72.40 for a single-family home
  • Garbage – $16.22/month for one 64-gallon tote, or $19.75/month for one 96-gallon tote, weekly pick-up.
    • Please have cans out by 6:30 AM. Residential curbside recycling available at no additional charge. Any extra bags, boxes, or overfills of cans cost $3.15 each.
    • *Pro tip* – put your garbage can out on Tuesday night! Especially in the summer when crews begin their pick up earlier before the heat.

Low Income Senior Citizen and Low Income Disabled Person’s Utility Rate Application Form

There will be no garbage pick-up on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day; instead, your garbage will be picked up the following business day.


Recycling is a **FREE** service to Selah City Residents

Please note!

Due to the current volatility in the markets for recycling materials, Basin Disposal will be collecting only the following items at this time:
1. Aluminum Containers
2. Steel (Tin) Cans

We will resume collecting additional recyclables as those markets return to normal.

The City of Selah offers an optional recycling program through Basin Disposal. Recycling is picked up the first full week of the month on Thursday, as shown on the 2024 Recycling Calendar.

Yard Waste

We offer a Yard Waste Program from mid-April through October for $2.09 per month. Yard waste is limited to three (3) plastic bags of grass and leaves per pickup, not to exceed 40 pounds per bag. Yard waste is picked up the first and third full weeks of the month on your normal garbage pick-up day.

2024 Annual Fall Yard Waste Clean Up date TBD.

For an additional fee, Basin Disposal can also pick up larger items, such as furniture and appliances, upon request.

If interested in any of these services, or for additional information on extra cans and the low income program, contact Jasmine Arellano at (509) 698-7326.

Did you forget to pay your bill?

If you have not paid your bill by the 20th day of the month, you will receive a delinquency notice with a fee of $10.00 added to the past due balance. This amount must be paid by 5:00 PM on the 10th of the following month or water service will be disconnected. If disconnected, a $20.00 fee will be required to reconnect water service, in addition to the balance due.

Should the payment due date fall on a weekend, payment will be accepted on the first business day following the payment due date.

For your convenience

You may mail your payment or drop it by our office at 115 West Naches Avenue. If you are unable to make your payment during business hours, you may leave it in the deposit box to the right of the front entrance to City Hall. If using the deposit box or mail, please make payment by check or money order. Do not put cash in the night deposit box or mail.

We also offer an Automatic Payment Plan (APP). When you enroll in this plan, you will receive your monthly bill as usual. Instead of writing a check and mailing your payment, or driving to City Hall to make your payment, you simply enter the amount in your account register. With the APP, your bank is automatically debited on the day that your payment is due so you can be assured that your utility bill will be paid on time every month. You may cancel the APP by contacting the City of Selah by at least the 15th day of the month in which you desire to discontinue participation. You can print a copy of the APP form by clicking on the link below and drop it off at City Hall to enroll in the plan.

We all make mistakes.

Should you feel that we have made an error, please bring in your receipt or canceled check, and we will be happy to review your record.

Billing Policy During the Winter

During the months of November through February, residential meters are not read. Instead, usage is estimated at 700 cubic feet and you are billed a minimum charge monthly. When meter reading resumes in March, your billing will often be somewhat higher if water has been used in excess of 700 cubic feet per month.

Billing Responsibility

All unpaid balances charged against the property are payable by the current owner. The City of Selah is not responsible for collection of balances from previous tenants.


Should you have any water leaks, sewer back-ups or problems with your meter, please call Selah Public Works at 698-7365.

Phone numbers you may want to keep handy


City of Selah 698-7328

Utility Billing 698-7326

Public Works 698-7365

Police Department 698-7346

Fire Department 698-7310

Parks & Recreation 698-7300

Civic Center 698-7302

Basin Disposal 248-7533

Selah Chamber of Commerce 698-7303

Yakima Waste 248-4213

Pacific Power (electricity) 888-221-7070

Cascade Natural Gas 888-522-1130

Consolidated (phone) 697-7267

Charter Communications (cable television) 866-731-5432

Post Office 800-275-8777