The Selah Parks and Recreation Department is proud to announce a new scholarship program for low-income families. The scholarship program will provide a free registration for a low-income family based on donations provided by the community.

In order to be eligible, a family must be deemed low-income based on the Washington Department of Commerce guidelines. A family must provide their most recent financial records to the Selah Parks and Recreation Department.

Print out the application below and return it to the Selah Parks and Recreation Department located at the Selah Civic Center:


**Please bring in income related documentation such as 1040 tax forms, social security checks, disability checks, unemployment income, and/or child support payments. This documentation is used to verify eligibility based on Washington State’s low-income guidelines.

**Washington State Low-Income Guidelines

If you have any questions, please call Dave Mullen at 509-698-7301 or e-mail at