Selah Municipal Court

Mission Statement:

Selah Municipal Court strives to provide equal access to the court and a just and efficient application of the laws of the State of Washington

Scam Alert: Court Calls

The Selah Municipal Court has been advised that court customers are receiving calls from someone claiming to be a deputy and stating to the customer that they have missed a court date and have a pending warrant. The caller is using the real names of Judges and has somehow acquired the addresses of the court customers. The caller is telling the court customers that they can stop the warrant if the customer pays money to the caller.

Please be advised that the Selah Municipal Court or any of the courts managed by Yakima County District Court (Union Gap, Mabton, Moxee, Tieton, Grandview, or Yakima County), would never call a court customer and ask for money to stop a warrant from issuing.

If you receive a call like this, disconnect the call immediately. If you want to verify the status of your case or have any questions, please call the Selah Municipal Court at 509-698-7329.

Thank you,
Anita Garcia, Selah Municipal Court Administrator

Judge: Bronson Faul

Court Administrator/Clerk: Anita Garcia

Attorney Information:

Selah Prosecuting Attorney: Margita Dornay  (509) 571-1803

Selah Court Appointed Counsel: Dan Polage  (509) 901-0608

Community Service

Community Service may be done at any non-profit organization in the City of Selah.  Yakima County District Court Probation also has a list.

For additional information, please contact the Court Clerk.

Online Bill Payment

To make a payment online to the City of Selah, please visit this website.