Welcome to the City of Selah Planning Department

The Planning Division is here to assist you, the residents of Selah, in the achievement of your personal and community development goals. We dedicate all of our professional and technical skills to the enhancement of the quality of life for every resident in our great city as we address land use and development matters.

The mission of the Planning Division is to assist the residents of Selah in the achievement of their personal and community development goals. We will provide this service on an individual and timely basis with a commitment to community values, ecological principles for protection of the environment, while evaluating competing priorities and interests.

Our goals for accomplishment of this mission are as follows:

  • Provide superior public service in a responsive manner;
  • Coordinate information and provide technical support to all other departments and City officials;
  • Strive to arrive at decisions that will best serve the entire community and improve quality of life within our community;
  • Implement the policies of the elected representatives of the City;
  • Dedicate all of our professional and technical skills to the enhancement of the quality of life for every resident of the City of Selah;
  • Adhere to ecological principles for the protection of the environment, as well as preserve the heritage of and investment in the built environment;
  • Systematically and critically analyze proposals related to land development and evaluate competing priorities and interests in order to provide recommendations for action.

City of Selah Geographical Information System (GIS) Viewer

What is GIS?

GIS or Geographic Information Systems are used to capture, manage, analyze, and display all forms of geographically referenced information. GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret and visualize our world in ways that reveal relationships, patterns and trends in the form of maps, reports and charts. The purpose of GIS is to answer questions and solve problems by looking at data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared — on a map! ( ESRI)

The City of Selah contracts with Yakima County GIS to provide a web based GIS viewer which provides access to the following information and layer files:
  • Property Line/Public Right-of-way (the City of Selah and Yakima County does guarantee the accuracy of this data. A land survey should be obtained to verify all property line information)
  • Aerial Photography Imagery
  • Geological Hazardous Areas
  • Potential Wetlands
  • Lakes/Ponds
  • Stream Typing (based on Yakima County 2013 CAO)
  • Yakima County Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Lake Environmental Designations
  • FEMA Floodway/Yakima County Channel Migration Zones (CMZ)
  • City of Selah Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Stream Environments
  • Ten Foot Elevation Contours
  • FEMA 100 Year Floodplain Designation
  • FEMA Floodway Designation
  • City of Selah – Data Layers
    • Selah City Limits
    • Urban Growth Boundaries
    • Zoning
    • Comprehensive Plan/Future Land Use Designation
    • City of Selah Water and Sewer lines, Hydrants, and other utilities (the City of Selah does guarantee the accuracy of this data. The City of Selah Public Works Department should be contacted at 509-698-7365 for verification of all utilities both current and future)
  • Selah Naches Irrigation District (NSID) – Data Layers (the City of Selah does guarantee the accuracy of this data. The Selah Naches Irrigation District should be contacted at (509) 697-4177 for verification of this information)
    • NSID Service Area Boundary
    • NSID Water Boxes
    • NSID Canals
    • NSID Pipeline
Yakima County GIS – Map and Data Services

    Yakima County GIS focuses on obtaining, managing, analyzing, and displaying data located within the boundaries of Yakima County. We support a variety of clients from other Yakima County Departments, to cities, communities, utilities, businesses and public. 
    We are a small office with a Service Counter/Map Sales desk located in the Yakima County Courthouse on the 1st floor in room 116.  We use a variety of software products mainly from ESRI, but also Microsoft, Trimball and ERDAS. We maintain many data layers including, but not limited to; parcels, zoning, city limits, other jurisdictional boundaries, voting precincts, 911 addressing, various environmental layers, planning layers, and utility layers.