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Sub Area Map (pdf)


Application: The City of Selah is preparing a plan for the development of a Sub-Area Plan of its central urban area to encourage economic development and enhance the quality of life within the area of the neighborhood plan by providing for a mixed use-infill overlay or other development regulation changes which would encourage higher quality housing, encourage mixed use development, promote commerce, create revitalized neighborhoods, and beautify the neighborhood planning area.

Open Public Informational Meeting: Notice is hereby given that on Friday, November 8th, 2017, commencing at 5:30 P.M., or as soon thereafter as practical, the City of Selah will conduct an informational public meeting in the Selah Civic Center, 216 S. 1st Ave. Selah, WA. As a first step in this process, the City would like to invite all interested parties to attend. The City’s Planning Department and land use consultants will provide an overview of the Sub Area planning process and objectives at the meeting.

In addition to the informational meeting, the City is also seeking stakeholders who would be interested in sharing their thoughts, goals, and objectives for the City in an individual setting with the City’s land use development team.   If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of this planning effort please contact Jeff Peters, City of Selah Community Development Supervisor at 509-698-7367, or jeff.peters@selahwa.gov.


The City of Selah is updating its Comprehensive Plan as required by the Washington State Growth Management Act. Over the upcoming months, the Planning Commission will discuss draft and final versions of the plan elements and development regulations.  Scheduled meeting dates and draft documents will be posted here as they become available. Public participation is invited.

City of Selah Comprehensive Plan 2017 Update Notices and Final Draft Documents:

Staff Report Planning Commission Comprehensive Plan 2017 Adoption

Notice of Environmental Review March 27, 2017

Notice of Availability of SEPA Checklist and Determination of Non-Significance March 27, 2017

Notice of Comprehensive Plan 2017 Planning Commission Public Hearing May 24, 2017

Notice of State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance for City of Selah 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update May 30, 2017

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Natural Systems Element

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Table of Contents

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Land Use Element

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Transportation Element

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Capital Facilities Element

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Housing Element

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Administrative Element

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Appendix A

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Appendix B

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Appendix C

Final Draft Comprehensive Plan Appendix D

City of Selah 2017 Development Regulation Amendments:

Chapter 11 Critical Area Ordinance 2017

Title 10 Zoning & Title 21 Administration Amendments 2017

Previous Comprehensive Plan Documents:
Selah Zoning Map 06-04-13

2005 Urban Growth Area Comprehensive PlanFinal

Previous Development Amendments

The Planning Commission will also be reviewing the following for amendment and updates:

Development Regulation Amendments (pdf)

Critical Areas Ordinance Amendments (pdf)