Snow Removal

Public Works wants to remind you that with winter temperatures, snow and ice can be challenging for residents and the city street crews to control. If you have concerns with the plowing of your street, please call 698-7365 which is a 24 hour number.

Prior to a major snow or freezing rain event, the City will attempt to spread de-icing material on all major streets. Other priority locations include streets near schools, stop signs and hills.

When snow accumulations reach approximately three inches, the City of Selah will starting plowing the major streets, streets near schools, hills and then local access streets.

Please Clean Your Sidewalk

Snow removal from sidewalks in front of your home and business is a responsibility of the owner or resident of the adjacent property. After you clear the sidewalk of snow, you may choose to apply an ice-melting substance.  The City of Selah recommends use of Calcium Chloride, (sometimes called “hot melt”) rather than Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt) because it is less damaging to sidewalks and plants. Also, it works at a much lower temperature, so it is more effective in freezing conditions. Every person neglecting or refusing to comply with the municipal code is subject to a $100 fine. Don’t throw snow from your sidewalk or driveway into the street. See Selah Municipal Code Chapter 7 for more information.

Please Don’t Take It Personally

Pushing snow along a driveway entrance, or along a car parked on the street is often unavoidable.

Try to keep your vehicle off the street. If you must park on the street, park as close to the curb as possible.

To avoid having snow covering your driveway from the city plows, shovel your snow to the left of your driveway into your yard and not into the street.

Remember to not pile snow on or around fire hydrants or your mailbox.

Special Assistance

If you are elderly, disabled or have other special conditions that makes snow removal hazardous, please contact Public Works at 698-7365.