Building Permit Fees

For a summary of estimated fees associated with a given permit, please see below.  The following sample fees are EXAMPLES ONLY.  Actual fees may vary based upon valuation of project, number of fixtures included, and services required. Electronic forms of payment are accepted with a 3% service charge.  You will need to have the permit and plans on site prior to the start of any work.

Quality service to our customers is very important to us. If you are unable to find the fee information you are looking for, simply call (509) 698-7365 for us to help answer your questions.

Grading Permit

Grading permits are based on the amount of moved material. When submitting a grading application these amounts must be included on the plan to determine the permit fees.

Please contact the Planning and Building Permit Specialist at (509) 698-7365 or email for further assistance.

New Commercial

This example is for a proposal to construct a (2) Tenant retail building (shell only) for a 16,949 sq. ft., 2 bath, valued at $1,500,000:

Building Permit Fee$8,320.78
Plan Review Fee$5,408.51
WA State Bldg. Surcharge$25.00
Water Connection Fee $1,620.00
*Water Plant Investment Fee (PIF) $806.00
Sewer Connection Fee$2,626.56
*Sewer Plant Investment Fee (PIF) $2,179.00
**Capital Cost Recovery (CCR) $5,237.24
Plumbing Permit $389.32
Mechanical Permit $302.97

*Plant Investment fees based on water meter size

**Fees are calculated by estimated water usage per unit Equivalent Residential Units (ERU)

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Residential Addition/Remodel

This example is a kitchen remodel, valued at $10,000.00:

Building Permit Fee$237.39
Plan Review Fee$154.30
WA State Bldg. Surcharge$6.50
Plumbing Permit$62.60
Mechanical Permit$45.15

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Single Family Residence

This example is a proposal to construct a 2160 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a 640 sq. ft. attached garage, valued at $364,550.00:

Building Permit Fee$2,860.13
Plan Review Fee$1,859.08
WA State Bldg. Surcharge$6.50
Water Meter Connection Fee$1,400.00
Plant Investment Fee$237.00
Sewer Hookup Fee$2,626.56
Sewer Plant Investment Fee$1,282.00
Capital Cost Recovery (CCR)$605.00
*Capital Cost Recovery (CCR) Pressure$1,541.00
Plumbing Permit$245.94
Mechanical Permit$149.48
Underground Sprinkler System$60.67

*Lookout Point Reservoir Water Pressure Capital Cost Recovery Area, Ordinance #1675

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Re-Roof Residential

Building Permit Fee$90.74
WA State Bldg. Surcharge$6.50

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Re-Roof Non-Residential/Commercial

Building Permit Fee, up to 10,000 sq. ft.$181.51
Plus addl. $90.74 for ea. addl. 10,000 sq. ft.Varies on sq. ft.
WA State Bldg. Surcharge$25.00

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Underground Sprinkler System

Plumbing Permit Fee$35.96
Backflow, 2″ diameter or smaller$13.32
Lawn Sprinkler$11.39

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New Furnace and/or Air Conditioner

Mechanical Permit Fee$28.39
Furnace up to 100,000 BTU$20.81
Air Conditioner, 10,000 – 100,000 BTU$20.83

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New Hot Water Tank

Plumbing Permit Fee$35.96
Water Heater$13.32

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Demolition and Removal

Plus any YRCAA and or L & I fees, if applicable.

WA State Bldg. Surcharge$6.50

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Sign Permit

Permit Fee (per sign)$73.97
Plan Check Fee, $91.74 per hr., minimum 1/2 hr.$45.37
WA State Bldg. Surcharge$6.50

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