Code Enforcement

What is Code Enforcement?

The City of Selah Code Enforcement is a function of the City that enforces building and land use regulations as set forth in the Selah Municipal Code. Code Enforcement will investigate complaints of unlawful or hazardous development and uses on private property. Code Enforcement Officers respond to reported code violations associated with zoning, housing, building, and critical area.  The Code Enforcement workload is almost entirely driven by complaints of private citizens.
If, as a property owner or tenant, you have been contacted by a Code Enforcement Officer due to a violation in any of the aforementioned areas, it is important for you to understand the Code Enforcement process.
It is important to understand that property owners/tenants may correct the violation at any given point in the process and therefore resolve the case. The first priority and preference is to work in partnership with property owners and tenants in the earliest stages of Code Enforcement process in order to bring the property into compliance with the pertinent codes.

How does Code Enforcement benefit the Community?

  • Ensures safe living conditions
  • Keeps the land free from garbage & rubbish
  • Safeguards the environments; protecting people & the environment
  • Protects real estate values from unsightly & unsafe conditions and an accumulation of junk vehicles.

Sign Regulations                   Nuisance Ordinance

I received a warning notice…

What happens next?

Read the notice and correct the violations as indicated. If you need more time to complete the corrective actions follow the contact information at the bottom of the notice.  We will work with you to achieve compliance.
A site visit will be conducted at the end of the specified time frame to determine compliance. If compliance is achieved, the case will be closed.  If there are unresolved issues and no contact has been made a Citation may be issued, monetary penalties may be imposed, and the violation may be abated.  Additionally, criminal charges may be filed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I file a complaint?

A: Fill out a formal Code Enforcement Complaint Form.

Q: Does Code Enforcement follow up on telephone or anonymous complaints?

A: No all complaints must be on a completed Code Enforcement Complaint form.

Q: How long does it take to correct a violation?

A: It can be as quick as a few weeks to several years depending on the complexity of the issues involved.

Q: Who is responsible for correcting code violations?

A: Ultimately it is the property owner’s responsibility, though the actual violator may be named as well.

Q:  Does Code Enforcement follow up with complainant to keep updated on the status?

A: No, violations are between the City and the violator(s).