The Investigations Section is responsible for the investigation of all major crimes that occur in the City of Selah. The Selah Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Section is comprised of one Detective under the supervision of the Dayshift Sergeant. Cases are generated by Patrol Officers that respond to calls for service and from citizen contacts. The Patrol Officer investigating a crime in the field will do the initial investigation and determine whether or not a detective is needed to respond. If no Detective is required, the Officer will generate a report which will be forwarded to the investigations section for additional follow up. The Investigations Section enables officers to respond faster to your calls for service by keeping Patrol Officers where they are most needed: on the streets.

Types of crimes typically investigated include:
Armed Robberies
Sex Related Offenses (Children & Adult)
Thefts (With Large Monetary Loss)
Sex Offender Scoring & Leveling
Burglaries (With Large Monetary Loss)
Sex Offender Address Verification (Tracking)
Victim/Witness Interviews
Major Assaults
Follow-Up Investigations
Auto Thefts

Technical Support:
Crime Scene Investigation
Evidence & Property
Fingerprint Analysis
Crime Analysis
Search Warrant (Preparation & Execution)
Gang Intelligence

As a general rule, due to the Detective’s caseload and other assigned duties, personnel assigned to the Investigations Section do not take initial reports.

EMERGENCY: If you have an emergency, CALL 911.

NON-EMERGENCY:  To file a report with the Selah Police Department, call 698-7346 and press 1. The Communications Center will dispatch an officer to your residence or place of business.   If you have a case already under investigation, call: 698-7382 Please provide your case number and Detective Maybee will return your call.   If you prefer, you may e-mail Detective Maybee at: Email Detective Maybee

There may be times when the Detective will be out of the office. The Investigation Section encourages the public to assist with major criminal investigations by contacting the Police Department with any information or tips that pertain to any ongoing investigation. If you believe that you have information that would help the Investigations Section with a crime, please call: 698-7348.

Any person who has information regarding a crime, but wishes to remain anonymous may call the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office “CRIME STOPPERS” at 1-509-248-9980 OR 1-800-248-9980 e-mail: