Citizens Academy


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In 2012, after a hiatus of several years, the Selah Police Department once again offered a Citizens Academy. The Academy begins in January and usually runs to the middle of April. Class size is limited to 25-30 participants per class. You do not need to be a resident of Selah, but residents of Selah take priority over non-residents. The Academy is coordinated and managed by Selah Police Officers … Read More


Accident Reports

The information contained in this section is pursuant to RCW 46.52.080 and RCW 46.52.083.

Accident reports are considered confidential and not subject to release except by RCW 46.52.080 and RCW 46.52.083.

Who has access?

To individuals having “proper interest.” Proper interest is defined as, the driver or drivers involved, or the legal guardian thereof, the parent of minor driver, any person injured therein, the owner of vehicles or property damaged thereby, the attorney or insurer, or any authorized representative of such an … Read More