Chaplaincy Program

The Selah Police Department has three Police Chaplains who serve on a volunteer basis.  Their role is to support SPD staff as well as to be a resource for the community in times of crisis and/or need.  The core roles of a police chaplain consist of:

  • Supporting members of the local law enforcement community, sworn and non-sworn
  • Supporting officers in areas such as Stress Management, Post Incident Care, & Burn-Out
  • Serving as part of a department’s Crisis Response Team
  • Assisting the department in making death notifications
  • Assisting at suicide incidents
  • Providing guidance should a Line Of Duty Death occur within the department or community.
  • Providing assistance to victims
  • Supporting the families of law enforcement officers
  • Visiting sick or injured officers and departmental personnel in homes and hospitals
  • Offering prayer at special occasions such as recruit graduations, awards ceremonies, dedication of buildings, retirement ceremonies.
  • Serving as liaison with clergy in the community
  • Serving on review boards, award boards, and other committees
  • Assisting with transients and the homeless
  • Providing for the spiritual needs of staff & prisoners as requested