Animal Control

In the City of Selah, any dog over the age of six months must be licensed.

A onetime fee of $25.00 (per dog) will be charged. This fee is good for the life of the dog licensed and we do require proof of vaccination.

If your dog is lost, please contact Animal Control Officer Chris at 509-698-7337 M-F between 8:00 am and 5:00pm to see if they are being kept safe in the City Kennel. A $25.00 Fee will be charged to re-claim your dog at the time you pick them up.

The City of Selah also has a contract with the Yakima County Humane Shelter. An Animal Control Officer (ACO) patrols the city streets and answers citizen complaints for two hours each day. After hours and on holidays and weekends they will respond ONLY if the animal is injured or ill.

If I have a problem with skunks in my yard, what can I do?

You can purchase a trap from almost any hardware store. If you choose not to trap your own, you can call CHARLES VANDYKE, at (509) 307-2244, to supply the trap and/or dispose of the animal for a fee. You can also contact the Department of Fish & Wildlife for assistance.