Chief’s Page

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To the Selah Community,

The mission of the Selah Police Department is to coordinate and form partnerships within the community.  To preserve the public peace, protect persons and property, to protect the rights of all persons. Prevent crime and provide assistance to all citizens.  We are “Committed to Excellence”.   That is our mission statement and our focus day in and day out, 365 days a year.

The key to our mission statement is “partnerships”. These partnerships requires everyone to be engaged in helping to reduce crime. In the past several residents called to alert us to people breaking into cars. Those calls directly led to the capture of four criminals and the recovery of the stolen property. While that is a great example of how things should work I also know of cases when no one called even though we later learned several people had heard or seen something unusual. People who don’t call often say they did not want to bother the police. We need your assistance and seek your phone calls – it is never a bother. Another explanation for not calling is they were unsure of what they were witnessing. Here is the rule to follow when deciding if to call. If what you are seeing or hearing caused you to stop and take notice, then call. Call us if there is an unusual vehicle in your neighborhood, a person walking through yards, someone knocking on your door, or anything else that you think we need to look into. We are committed to serving you the members of the Selah community.

We take pride in our efforts to deter crime. We also want our citizens to realize that we work hard to keep our crime rates some of the lowest in the State. The 7,380 eyes and ears of our residents will make a difference in keeping our community safe. We work best when we work together.

Please call (509)698-7346 or (509)698-7347 and press 1 to report any suspicious activity.  Of course dial 911 if it’s an emergency.

Thank you,

Chief Richard Hayes