Code Complaint Form


Please use this form to notify the Code Enforcement Officer of possible code violation within city limits.

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Section 1: Complaint Location Information

Address of Possible Code Violation*
If you do not know the specific address be as descriptive as possible about the property location.

Section 2: Complaint Summary

Section 3: Your Information

Please indicate if you would like the City to redact your information to the extent possible if you fear disclosure may endanger life, physical safety or property to you or someone else:

Section 4: The Violation Must be Visible

The violation must be visible from a public right-of-way, or you must indicate that you would like us to contact you for permission to view the site from your property.
Is the location of the complaint visible from a public right-of-way?
Please provide any other helpful information when accessing your property or arriving to view the location of the complaint.
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