Residents served by the City of Selah’s Goodlander Pump Station/Reservoir in the vicinity of the Valhalla  Heights Subdivision and surrounding areas:

As of the afternoon of March 16, 2018, the City of Selah Public Works Department has temporarily repaired one of the pumps supplying the Valhalla Heights subdivision and surrounding areas. As a result, all affected residents may now resume normal domestic water use. The City of Selah would like to thank all residents who conserved water over the past two days to ensure that all affected residents had minimum service available during this event.  Residents in the affected area should be advised that, as damage to the pump station was extensive, it may take three months or more to restore the station to full operation, and temporary disruptions to service may occur while repairs are being conducted. Residents should continue to monitor the City’s website for updates and notifications of service disruption.