Scenic Byway


To tell the Byway’s story and broaden the traveler’s experience through improvements that make the route more available to all who wish to experience its natural beauty.


Access to recreational opportunities is paramount to public use of the Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway. Located centrally in the state, the byway is well positioned to be a recreational hub that several communities can benefit from and enjoy.
In addition to economic incentives, enhancing recreation along the byway will provide visitors, community members, and tourists alike with more opportunities to enjoy and connect with the local landscape and wildlife.

Natural Cultural Interpretation

The Yakima River Canyon is rich in natural resources. Visitors to the byway have the opportunity to appreciate its abundant wildlife, spectacular wildflower blooms, volcanic basalt cliffs left in the wake of Mt. Mazama, and the wandering curves of a river teeming with fish.

CliffSignThe canyon is also an incredible cultural resource due to its long history of importance to human communities . The existence of a civilization dating back to 3000 *BCE was found within the canyon and, although not fully documented, evidence suggests multiple European settlements dating from the 1800’s.

The heritage of the area is too remarkable not to be shared. More frequent and updated interpretive signing along the byway, in addition to the proposed Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway Interpretive Center, will provide much needed educational opportunities.