Located in the Yakima Valley are many animal inhabited hills. There are herds of elk, big horn sheep, and deer. Not only are there big game animals but there are birds such as pheasant and grouse; as well as water fowl including duck and geese.

Elk hunting in the Yakima Valley can be very rewarding because it is a challenge. In the Game Management Units near Selah, Elk Hunting is Spike Only unless you have a special tag. This makes the area a bit more difficult to hunt because you have to be sure of your target. Though there are regulations on the hunt a lot of Elk are still bagged from the area.

Hunting deer in the Selah area requires knowing the difference between species. Mule deer are required to be 3pt or better, while White Tail deer are any buck. While this may seem challenging, there are a large number of deer in the valley.

There are many Big Horn Sheep in the Yakima River Canyon and throughout the Umtanum area. Tags for this animal are Special Permit only. Bonus for getting this tag is it is any legal hunting weapon.

Local game management units include:
Umtanum – 342
Manastash – 340
Alkali -371
Cowiche – 368

Washington State Hunting Laws and Regulations