What to Expect During Court

1. The court will hear specific facts regarding your case. The lawyers or judge may asks questions to help them understand your situation and requests.

2. One of the parties may object to some of the information regarding your case. Do not interrupt the court while the judge rules whether or not the information is helpful and can be put on the record. Once the judge rules on the objection, you will be instructed whether or not you can continue speaking about the matter. Do not interrupt the court even if you disagree with the court’s decision.

3. When asked about understanding your rights or whether you understand what you are being charged with, do not speak about the facts of the case itself. Court proceedings are recorded and the parties may use what you say against you in further proceedings.


1. Dress appropriately for court. Do not wear shorts and tanktops or otherwise inappropriate clothing.

2. Be polite and courteous to the judge, court clerk, witnesses and attorneys.

3. Food and beverages are not allowed.

4. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. Court security personnel may confiscate electronic devices if they ring during court.

5. Whenever possible, please schedule child care for your children before the day of your court appearance. Babies and small children who become unruly may disrupt the operation of the court and interfere with the court recording system which may result in being asked to remove the children or having to reschedule your case to another day.