Request a Contested Infraction Hearing

Selah Municipal Court will allow you to submit a written statement instead of appearing at your infraction hearing. If you wish to submit a statement in writing, please use this form. You must submit this form at least 2 days before your hearing date. You must also provide your contact information so that the court can advise you of the judge’s decision in your case.

Before submitting an electronic response, you first must have responded to the ticket within the 15 days required on the ticket, and you must have already received a court date from the court BEFORE using this form.

The judge’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

You may use the box at the bottom of the form to upload files and pictures pertaining to your case (copy of your proof of insurance, photos of the incident, etc). PLEASE PUT YOUR TICKET NUMBER IN THE BODY OF YOUR STATEMENT.


I have chosen to contest this infraction. I DID NOT commit the offense and wish to submit, under penalty of perjury, the testimony and evidence below:

Contested Infraction Hearing

  • Max. file size: 100 MB.