Contact Selah Council Members

Selah City Council Members are happy to receive your comments/feedback/questions. Please select from the following list if you would like to reach out to one – or all – council member(s).

Email All Council MembersCall Selah City Hall: 509-698-7381
Email Councilmember WickenhagenCall Councilmember Wickenhagen: 509-312-8344
Email Councilmember IversonCall Councilmember Iverson: 509-312-8345
Email Councilmember MarquisCall Councilmember Marquis: 509-312-8347
Email Councilmember PetersonCall Councilmember Peterson: 509-312-8350
Email Councilmember CostelloCall Councilmember Costello: 509-480-3328
Email Councilmember LongmireCall Councilmember Longmire: 509-312-8352
Email Councilmember MonaghanCall Councilmember Monaghan: 509-268-9864