Civil Service Commission

6 Year Term – 3 Members

Operates under RCW 41.08 and RCW 41.12 and Ordinance No. 1745 passed in 2009 and Ordinance No. 196 passed in 1955.

Appointed by: Mayor with Council approval

Current Appointed Members:

  1. John Tierney – Chairman (appointment continuous)
  2. William Teaford – Commissioner (appointment continuous)
  3. Matthew Steadman – Commissioner (appointment continuous)

Meetings: Second Thursday of the Month at 1:00pm

Requirements: U. S. Citizen, 3-Year City resident, and registered voter.

Term Limitations: None

Attendance Requirements: None

Responsibilities: Adopts rules and principles governing employment, advancement, demotion and discharge pertaining to Police and Fire employees

For more information or to apply, please email City Administrator Rich Huebner