A Message from the Selah Fire Department

To all of our area residents,

The Selah Fire Department wants you to know that we are still responding to emergencies during this time of pandemic and social distancing.

The volunteer and career members of our department are dedicated to safety and the protection of life and property. We are here to respond to emergencies as safely and efficiently as possible.

Safety is paramount, therefore, the members of the Selah Fire Department are following the state and local recommendations to protect you and ourselves on emergencies. We will be seen in gloves, masks, gowns and eye protection when appropriate, and will only have the minimum number of staff necessary on scene to minimize any possible exposures.

We are currently at normal staffing levels and are taking these precautions to protect our members and the citizens of our community. By following these recommendations, we are doing our part to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and will keep our membership healthy and responding to emergencies when needed.

Stay safe,

Selah Fire Department