Water System Plan

City of Selah Notice of Public Study Session – Consumer Input Meeting: The City of Selah has scheduled a public study session and consumer input meeting for February 9, 2021, to review the City of Selah’s, draft 2021 Water System Plan update which is required by the Washington State Department of Health, and WAC 246-290-100(8).: Notice is hereby given by the City of Selah, Washington, City council will conduct the required study session – consumer input meeting on Tuesday, February 9, 2021, commencing at 3:30 p.m.,or as soon thereafter via Zoom: Copies of the water system plan are available for inspection during regular business hours at the City of Selah Planning Department, 222 South Rushmore Road, Selah, WA. And at https://selahwa.gov/water-irrigation/.: COVID-19 Notification:  Interested parties, please be advised in accordance with the multiple proclamations by the governor of the State of Washington, (in particular proclamation 20-28) guidance from the State Attorney General on the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act, directives by the State Health Department and Yakima Health District regarding COVID-19, the above scheduled study session may be held by electronic and telephonic means via zoom.  Procedures for attendance of this study session will be provided on the City of Selah’s website along with the city council agenda: if you have questions please feel free to contact Jeff Peters, Community Development Supervisor by phone at (509) 698-7365, by fax at (509) 698-7372 or by e-mail at jeff.peters@selahwa.gov. Dated this 29th day of January 2021.

Index Index and Table of Contents
 Description of Water System Description of Water System
 Chapter 2 Basic Planning Data and Water Demand Forecasting
 Chapter 3  System Analysis
 Chapter 4 and 5 4. Conservation Program, Water rights, System Reliability and Interties


5. Source Water Protection

 Chapter 6 and 7  6. Operation and Maintenance Program


7. Distribution Facilities Design and Construction Standards

 Chapter 8 Improvement Program
 Chapter 9 and 10 9. Financial Program


10. Miscellaneous Documents

Water System Plan

Adopted February 2015