The Clarifier Project

HLA Project No. 10073C

Williams Charles West Construction of Kennewick, Washington, is under contract to replace the
mechanisms in the north and south clarifiers at the main wastewater treatment plant.

Equipment delivery began the week of June 18, 2012. WWTP staff began draining the south
clarifier on June 16 in anticipation of the installation.

The contractor is progressing with the work
on the south clarifier and expects to have the clarifier back in operation by the end of July 2012. Work
effort will then switch to the north clarifier and the installation should be completed by the end of

October Update

New photos of construction progess on the Clarifier Project.

 *Insert photos from rotator of Clarifier construction*


New equipment arriving on the truck – June 18th
City crews finishing sludge removal in the old clarifier – June 19th








Contractor completing cleanup of old clarifier and removing old equipment – June 21st


Additional project photos – July 18th







Additional project photos – July 18th
Additional project photos – July 18th