The City of Selah has approximately 29 miles of streets, the majority of which (28 miles) are paved with asphalt. The length and type of surfacing of all streets within the City are shown on the Capital Improvement Program – Streets Inventory table in the Appendix. The bridge crossing over the Yakima River on Harrison Road and the highway overpass south of Selah are located on state highways and, therefore, are inventoried and maintained by the Washington State Department of Transportation. South First Street (SR 823; 1.8 miles) is maintained by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Included in the roadway system is the City’s storm drainage system. The concrete curb and gutters or roadside ditches and culverts control surface drainage. When roadway improvements are made, the associated drainage facilities are evaluated and the necessary improvements are incorporated into the street project. Additional information related to the storm drainage system is provided later in this plan.

City of Selah Transportation Network 2016


Traffic Delays:

There will be several traffic delays through the week of July 10-14th as the City is repairing potholes. All the work will be done during daytime hours. Monday repairs are scheduled on Hill view. The rest of the work will continue through the end of the week. List of locations:  Road Repair Locations