Digital Payment of Utility Bills

The following message appears on the upcoming utility bills:

The City of Selah is informing you of a 6% increase to your garbage rate. This increase will be effective July 1, 2024 and will be first reflected on your August utility bill. This increase was enacted due to an increase in fuel charges accessed by the City’s garbage utility vendor, Basin Disposal.

We also wanted to inform you that we have reduced the fees for Xpress Bill Pay, the system used to pay utility bills online. When recently implemented, Xpress Bill Pay applied a fee that was a percentage of the outstanding balance. This update enacted a flat rate of $4.50 for debit/credit payments, and $1.50 for EFT/ACH transactions.

As a friendly reminder, utility customers who previously signed up for autopay through the City of Selah do not need to register for Xpress Bill Pay. Payments will continue to be processed through the City’s autopay program on the 20th of each month.

To ensure that customers will not be charged twice, the City will be deactivating any Xpress Bill Pay account for which there is already a City autopay account setup.