Notice of Public Hearing

City of Selah Notice of Public Hearings: Public hearings to consider adoption of the following Plans and Development Regulation Amendments:

1. City of Selah’s Updated Capital Facilities Plan as an ancillary document to the City of Selah’s Comprehensive Plan; and

2. Amendments to Selah Municipal Code (SMC) Title 11.19 Flood Damage Prevention pertaining to the regulation of development and construction within the FEMA 100 Year Floodplain.

Notice is hereby given by the City of Selah, Washington, that the Selah City Council will conduct two public hearings on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, commencing at 5:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as practical, in the council chambers, Selah City Hall, 115 W. Naches, Selah, WA.

Copies of the Capital Facilities Plan and Title 11.19 Flood Damage Prevention ordinance are available for public inspection during regular business hours at the City of Selah Planning Department, 222 South Rushmore Road, Selah, WA, and at https://selahwa.gov/planning/sepa/. All persons wishing to offer comments for or against the either of these proposals are encouraged to attend.  All written comments received prior to the day of the public hearing will be considered in the City Council deliberations.

COVID-19 Hearing Notification:  Interested parties, please be advised in accordance with the multiple proclamations by the Governor of the State of Washington, (in particular Proclamation 20-28) guidance from the state Attorney General on the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act, directives by the State Health Department and Yakima Health District regarding COVID-19, the above scheduled public hearing may be held by electronic and telephonic means via zoom.  Procedures for attendance of this open record public hearing will be provided on the City of Selah’s website along with the City Council agenda.

if you have questions please feel free to contact Jeff Peters, Community Development Supervisor in person at 222 South Rushmore Road, Selah, WA or by phone at (509) 698-7365, by fax at (509) 698-7372 or by e-mail at jeff.peters@selahwa.gov.

Dated this 6th day of August 2021.