Letter to the Citizens of Selah


July 23, 2020

Citizens of Selah:

The City Attorney and I recently conducted an online townhall. We did so as part of our ongoing efforts to receive input from Selah voters on matters of policy. We struggled with evenly allocating time and other technology problems.

Upon reflection, I have decided not to hold any additional townhalls at this time.

Those wishing to converse further with myself and Mr. Case about current issues are asked to schedule an in-person meeting via the City’s Administrative Assistant, Monica Lake (telephone: 509-698-7328). Due to current restrictions, meetings will be limited to a maximum of three people per meeting, with the freedom to speak on any topic they choose to address. We will practice social distancing and will also wear facemasks. Alternatively, citizens can send me emails, letters, or voicemails. But if you want any sort of active dialogue, you are asked to schedule an in-person meeting.


Sherry Raymond
Mayor, City of Selah