Solid waste and rubbish are collected from each dwelling unit on Wednesdays, either in the morning or afternoon. They may not run at the same time every week. Recyclable materials are collected from each dwelling unit twice per month. Commercial refuse is collected from each commercial establishment a minimum of once per week. Residents can deliver their garbage or rubbish to a county landfill, but the minimum garbage and recycling charges will be charged each month whether or not the service is used. Yard waste is not considered rubbish unless the user elects to dispose of it in containers.

You may also choose to participate in our optional Yard Waste Program from April 6th through October 19th for $1.99 per month. Contact City Hall at (509) 698-7326 or call Basin Disposal at (509) 547-2476.

Did you want to view the new resolution for solid waste?

Resolution #2883 | Go to the Utility Services page

There will be no garbage pick-up on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day; instead, your garbage will be picked up the following business day.