This was posted by Pullman Police Department!

“Worried about your morning caffeine fix now that the new distracted driving law is in effect? Drivers seem to be concerned that the new law threatens their ability to grab a quick bite or morning coffee while on the road. There is no need to stock up on long straws in order to comply with the law. Allow us to clarify….

The new distracted driving law (known as “DUI-E”) doesn’t do much to change the rules about eating and drinking behind the wheel. These activities have long been considered possible driving distractions. The law does not prohibit drivers from enjoying a quick bite or cold (non-alcoholic) beverage behind the wheel. Rather, it confirms that a driver can be pulled over for exhibiting poor driving (drifting in and out of lanes, running red lights, speeding, etc.). In cases where the officer has reason to believe that the driving problem was the caused by a distraction (such as eating that greasy cheeseburger, turning up your favorite jam, or admiring that perfect cup of coffee), the driver may receive a hefty fine.

Bottom line, drive carefully and keep your eyes on the road. As long as your on-the-go meal doesn’t impact your ability to drive safely, it’s business as usual.

(Special thanks to Brittani Brigham for allowing us to use her photo!)”