Upcoming Public Hearings

The Selah City Council will hold four public hearings at the upcoming council meeting on October 25, 2022. The include the following:

Open Record Public Hearing to consider amendments to Selah Municipal Codes 1.24, 1.60, 10.6, 10.30, 10.36, 10.38, 10.50, and Title 21 to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Transfer of the public hearing authority for certain land use applications from the City of Selah Planning Commission to the office of the Hearing Examiner;
  2. Update of the public notice procedures for land use applications to better follow changes in state law;
  3. Update of the City of Selah’s Subdivision Ordinance to implement changes required by state law;
  4. Addition of land use review processes for Binding Site Plans, Street Vacations, and Plat Alterations and Vacations.

Closed Record Public Hearing to consider the City of Selah Planning Commission’s recommendation regarding a Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use and Zoning Map Amendment for a portion of a piece of property located at 511 S. 3rd St. from Medium Density Residential to Commercial, and Residential, Two-Family (R-2) to Business, General (B-2).

Public Hearing to Receive Input as to the City’s Intention to Implement a Plan for Trying to Increase the Diversity of the Applicant Pool for Future Direct-Employment Job Openings, and also to Receive Input as to the Draft Initial Plan that the City is Contemplating Implementing.

Public Hearing on Revenue Sources for the 2023 Budget

The City Council encourages the public to attend council meetings and provide input during public hearings. The Council meeting information and meeting packet can be found by clicking here.

This meeting is open to the public and conforms with State requirements for the Open Public Meetings Act.