Message from the Mayor

This morning I signed an emergency declaration in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This was done in order to allow for the City of Selah to align with concurrent State and County declarations for the same.  This declaration will allow the City to be eligible for potential State and Federal funding should it become available.  It also expands the municipality’s legal authority to respond more efficiently to emergency situations.

I want the residents of Selah to know that we at the City are taking this very seriously and are prepared to deal with this situation.  We are taking measured and reasonable approaches in policy regarding social distancing at City venues.  The Selah Transit service is taking extra measures to sanitize our vehicles.  We are coordinating closely with cognizant County officials in order to respond in a timely matter if the situation changes.  At this time, there are no restrictions on the size of meetings and gatherings and there are no travel restrictions.  If there is any change to this situation, we will communicate this to the community immediately.

Selah is a strong, resilient community.  We will weather this storm together with a spirit of calm determination, intelligence and compassion.   

Sherry Raymond
Mayor, City of Selah