Notice concerning odor throughout community

The less than pleasant smell currently permeating the air around Selah is emanating from the Treetop wastewater lagoons, not the City’s treatment facilities.  The Selah Public Works Director and City Administrator met with the Treetop Chief Chemical Engineer, their lead man at the treatment facilities, on Friday to discuss the matter.  They are struggling to increase the levels of good bacteria in the lagoons in order to properly break down the solids that are the cause of the foul smell.  The City of Selah has offered to assist in any way possible, but to date, they have not requested our assistance.  As it was explained to City representatives, the problem will correct itself over a period of approximately two to three weeks, and while we all agree that the current situation is not good, Treetop is working very hard to correct the problem.  Please understand that this operation does not fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Selah, and that aside from complaining to the Yakima County Clean Air Authority, the City has no other recourse.  Treetop representatives will be making a presentation to the City Council Tuesday evening about this problem.  If you would like to hear this presentation first hand, please attend.  The meeting begins at 5:30 PM.