The City of Selah is soliciting Requests for Qualifications and Proposals for bus transit service as now established. Proposals must include fixed routes, fixed schedules, and dial-a-ride services comparable to the service that the City currently receives.  Informational materials regarding the current level of service can be obtained from the City of Selah by calling Director of Public Works Joe Henne at (509) 698-7365.

Proposals must be based on the provision of transit services within the City of Selah without any provision for charging a fare. The City of Selah believes that smaller buses better meet the city’s ridership needs, but buses must be able to accommodate at least 14 passengers and be fully ADA compliant. Seatbelts and three-point belts are required for dial-a-ride services. All new vehicle equipment purchases on fixed-route buses must have seatbelts for all seats not just the wheel chair location. Dial-a-Ride service shall be provided for all transit service hours plus a five-hour period on Sundays.  Proposals should include an explanation of how the level of service needed by the ridership will be maintained.  Proposers will be responsible for providing all equipment, vehicles with the City of Selah Transit System logo and wording, manpower, and administration including keeping and providing accurate records, reports, and invoicing the City on a monthly basis. The City retains the right to inspect all system records at any time. The City requires the contractor to provide insurance coverage, The Contractor shall purchase and maintain a certificate of insurance; the contract requires $5,000,000 CGL and $5,000,000 CAL. Proposers will be responsible for providing printed schedules updated at least annually, maps, and timetables for the ridership. A separate optional proposal shall provide the cost of outfitting fixed-route buses with GIS to allow web-based tracking of actual bus location.  In addition, proposers will be required to periodically analyze their level of service and meet with the City to review service levels and any modifications that might be appropriate for efficiency and quality.  Proposers will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations and reporting requirements such as but not limited to quarterly and annual reports, transit development plan, operator training, and rider safety requirements associated with the provision of transit services within the City. The successful proposer will also be required to provide a representative for the Yakima COG transit coordinating committee.

The City of Selah assumes no obligation of any kind for expenses incurred by any respondent to this solicitation. The City reserves the right to reject any and all submittals.  The State of Washington fair labor practices and non-discrimination policies shall apply.  All State and Federal regulations regarding transit service shall apply.  Please submit eight (8) bound proposals to:  Dale Novobielski, Clerk/Treasurer, 115 W Naches, Selah, Washington  98942.  Submittals should be clearly marked “Request for Proposals for Transit Services” and submitted no later than 3:00 p.m. October 31, 2017.